Care Genomics is a Consulting Company in the field of Personalized Medicine with the Patient and Families in mind. The core values of this Company are centered round Collaboration of Multidisciplinary teams, keeping patient families involved and providing expertise based on experience, without influence of Marketing.

By being an independent Company we are able to remain unbiased and can focus on helping our clients find the best technology and processes personalized to their project.


  Next Gen sequencing & SNP Chip variant analysis strategies and Candidate Gene hunting for Genetic and Inherited Diseases including Rare & Undiagnosed.

•  Medical Genomics Liaison support to build National and International teams to solve complex medical cases & scientific problems using Genomics.

  Data analysis strategy & Project Management.

  Genomics Undiagnosed and Rare Disease Patient Advocacy.

  Health Care Provider, Insurer, Patient & Family members Genomics Education outreach programs, to raise awareness and education about rare genetic diseases including: NGS testing available, research avenues, linking people to resources worldwide as well as to NGS reimbursement options.

Project case tracking strategies, Customer Service & Support.

Karin is the Owner & Principal Medical Genomics Consultant of Care Genomics. She brings 10 years experience in Genomics from it's inception and has been at the forefront ever since, by working and collaborating with key players in the field. Her Achievements prior to starting this Company include:

Helping Sequence the first Human Genome using the Solexa NGS technology that was published in Nature.

Finding and publishing the Genetic Cause of Disease for several Families using NGS and filtering developed in collaboration with her team at the Undiagnosed Diseases Program and NISC. In one case her findings led her collaborators and Team to an FDA approved treatment for the Patient's Seizures.


Medical Genomics, NGS Project Management, Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases, Building Multidisciplinary teams, Medical Genomics Science Liaison, Candidate gene hunting, NGS and SNP chip variant analysis, Clinical Genomics reports, Mendelian Genetics, Patient Advocacy.

Care Genomics San Diego, CA 92106 United States

Founded 2015